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March 22 2010
On March 30 AlmereGrid organises a workshop with major DesktopGrids in The Netherlands and Europe. You as BOINC volunteer are very welceome there. Workshop website.

March 22 2010
Currently we are working on a new version that is expected to be even more stable and even fewer issues. We plan to install this then on the production server very soon.

January 21 2010
The application from Erasmus MC called Correlizer works pretty well on MacOSX and Linux now. We have started with Windows/Intel. Seems to work too and we have entered into stress tests for the three platforms.

December 28 2009
We have started testing a new application from Erasmus MC called Correlizer. There are versions available for Linux and MacOSX. Windows will follow.

November 17 2008
The profiles have been cleaned.

November 10 2008
We disabled viewing the user profiles temporarly. There were too many incorrect ones. Once we clean the database, we will restore the view.

July 20 2008
We also have an AlmereGrid Skin available.

April 30, 2008
We have got feedback from our users. Thanks for that! There is a problem there in the current application in that it does not display the CPU time used correctly during the run. (It does so afterwards and you get the correct credits.). We run the real scientific application in a wrapper. The wrapper comunicates with BOINC. When it starts it tells BOINC it does so and than hands over to the application. CPU time stays on 0% until the application finishes and hands back to the wrapper, which notices BOINC it is ready and the CPU time jumps to 100%. The current version runs BOINC-5. We are now investigating whether it works better on BOINC-6 which seems to have better thread management.

April 29, 2008
The PHP errors on the website seem to be coming from using incompatible PHP4 en PHP5 versions. We will fix this next week after the Holiday period in the Netherlands.

April 6, 2008
We are back to normal operations. Now concentrating on improving the web site and reporting because that still shows some errors

April 4, 2008
This morning we accidently send out about 600 WU's that will never finish. If you encounter problems or the Wu's wo'not finished, please reset the project in your client.

April 3, 2008
We now regularly run jobs so credits should increase.

March 1, 2008
Please note that e-mail notifications are still disabled!

March 1, 2008
The Boinc Test Grid is open. You can help us by adding your machine to the Grid and tell us your experiences.

February 24, 2008
The AlmereGrid Boinc Test Grid is up and running and stable.

February 1, 2008
Started complete testing AlmereGrid Boinc Test Grid.

January 8, 2008
Implementation of jobs descriptions, start with job testing.

December 15, 2007
Start preparation for installation AlmereGrid Boinc Test Grid.

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